Glitre Energi

OPC UA Based IOT Gateway

Value proposition

Glitre Energi is a producer of hydroelectric power for the Buskerud and Hadeland regions of Norway – producing 100% clean and renewable energy. As part of their digitization process, Glitre Energi is developing a cloud-based application for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).


One of Glitre’s main challenges is collecting time-series data from their assets and making this data available to their CBM application from one single source.


The solution to this challenge was Apis set up as an OPC UA-based IOT Gateway which collected data from the assets and acted as a an OPC UA-server.

Glitre Energi Produksjon selected OPC UA as the data transport protocol for its new CBM system (named aiKnow) because of is its excellent security features and since the Industrie 4.0 collaboration has tested it and recommended it for use in the industry. Hydro power production is defined as critical infrastructure; hence security is very important and was the top priority when selecting the communication protocol.
The OPC UA based software APIS Hive from Prediktor was among the solutions tested for use and was found to be very stable and user friendly – all at an affordable price. We are so far very pleased with its functionality and stability and with the excellent service provided by Prediktor during operation.

Lasse Eilertsen, Technical advisor, Condition monitoring at Glitre Energi.



Apis provides the CBM application access to the data via one single source and protocol. The solution can also be improved in the future by adding OPC UA-based information models.