OPC UA Gateway

Value proposition

The overall objective of the delivery is to provide a standardized and unified way of accessing operational data from different assets via enterprise systems – not only standardized on protocol, but also standardized on data semantics.


This can be challenging, especially in brown-field installations where both non-standard protocols and unplanned- or non-standard semantics can be present.


The Apis Software platform, a high performance time-series data historian and OPC UA mapping tool. Apis is a proven and trusted technology that has been used in 1000+ installations. Most of these are mission critical applications within manufacturing industry and Oil & Gas.

Standardization on the semantic layer, is a core feature of OPC UA. I am thrilled to see that a forward thinking customer and supplier, both long-time members of the OPC Foundation, now are doing unique work centering on this aspect of OPC UA.

Prediktor is active in the OPC Foundation OPC UA working groups, and has been very innovative in advancing the cause of the OPC UA technology.


Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation President & Executive Director.



Legacy plant systems will be mapped to OPC UA semantic models from companion standards such as S95, PRODML and WITSML