Production optimization

Atria Lithells is one of Sweden’s largest manufacturers of hamburgers and sausages.

Value proposition

Atria purchases all their raw materials externally, from suppliers from multiple countries. Atria’s production is based on using a wide variety of both fresh and frozen raw materials of beef and pork. The production lines in Sköllerstad are highly automated and includes robotized buffer storage for frozen meat blocks, inline microwave tempering tunnel and X-ray based foreign body detection.


Typical challenges when manufacturing hamburgers and sausages are variations in composition, price and availability of raw materials. Detecting and compensating for these variations are critical for manufacturers like Atria to be able to optimize both product quality and economy. Since 2004, Atria Lithells have been a customer of Prediktor. Prediktor have provided instrumentation for inline analysis of fat, moisture and protein on their production lines in Sköllerstad, as well as software (MES) solutions for both lines.


Prediktors software solution communicates with both the ERP- and PLC-system. This allows cost effective collection of process- and product data, as well as efficient exchange of recipes and production reports.


The software solution from Prediktor allows Atria to produce quality products very close to product specification at the lowest possible raw material cost by combining inline raw material data and real-time least cost formulation. It also provides digital reports with detailed production data like batch specific raw material usage and traceability data.

Atria also uses the system to follow up their meat raw material suppliers on a regular basis, to make sure they receive raw materials at correct quality and composition at a competitive price.