Full operational control with real-time access to highest quality data.

Predictive Solar Operations

PView™ – Asset Centric and Information-Based

PView™ standardizes all data sources so that predictive diagnostics and operations become a reality, freeing you from the burden of thousands of data points that lead to “guessed” decisions

Our main ambition is to maximize your asset’s lifetime value by providing real-time, knowledge-driven decision support that drives down costs while optimizing yield. PView’s built-in knowledge provides Asset Owners, Asset Managers and O&M teams with actionable information and operational insight.

The Challenge

Deep data understanding is key to proposing and optimizing operations that drive peak performance. Far too often, power plant operators are overloaded with data and rely extensively on human resources to interpret the data in order to make actions. Different plant configurations exacerbate this problem and make portfolio expansion and management challenging. This approach is not sustainable. The portfolio lacks operational insight and cannot perform at its best. Scaling a non/uniform portfolio is cumbersome and operation and maintenance is more costly than necessary. For plants to live up to their potential we need Asset Management Solutions that can deliver real-time data transformation. We’re here to make asset management data-to-knowledge driven. 

The Solution

PView™ is Prediktor’s asset management platform. Our approach is to make sure that all stakeholders – Asset Owners, O&M teams and Asset Managers – can access relevant information according to their needs, from the same platform. This is why we call it asset-centric and information-based. How do we achieve this? PView™ standardizes all data sources so that predictive diagnostics and operations become a reality. By having a standardized information model at the core, we ensure that the application modules all see a uniform data structure. Of course, PView™ provides open APIs so that all your new or existing expert system can access the asset data freely.


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PView™ addresses the operational and strategic needs of multiple stakeholders:

Asset Owners

Maximize profits and lifetime value with predictive diagnostics and operations

  • Independent and open
  • Ensure financial performance
  • Measure against budgets
  • Unlock predictive diagnostics and operations by standardizing operational data
  • Highly scalable
  • Reduced Risk

Asset Managers

Maximize operational efficiencies with actionable system intelligence

  • Highly scalable
  • Standard and configurable KPIs
  • Ensure operational performance
  • Secure financial and contractual performance
  • Risk management
  • Evaluate EPCs performance under site warranty
  • Automate reporting to asset owners and other relevant stakeholders
  • Full insight into operational data

Plant Operations

Maximize operational control with real-time access to highest quality data

  • High-level decision support
  • Portfolio overview
  • Operational insight based on trustworthy data
  • Standard and configurable KPIs
  • Alarm management
  • Data engineering and analytics


Simplify the journey to operational readiness with a complete & agile toolset

  • Full feature set for local plant operation and portfolio management
  • Easy configuration
  • Accelerate delivery by rapid ramp up with commissioning insight
  • O&M during the warranty period also ensure that contractual performance criteria are met

Prediktor is one of our selected Platinum Partners. Prediktor’s PView enables Scatec Solar to get the most out of our assets; we now have full visibility into our operation – in real time and historically for analytical purposes – both from a single plant perspective and in terms of fleet control. Prediktor has deep competence in PV operations and contributes significantly in our efforts to develop a profitable business.

– Pål Strøm,
SVP O&M, Scatec Solar

Key challenges for asset management

1. Loss of energy generation and income

2. Loss of time

3. Lack of transparency.

Our approach is Asset-Centric and Information-Based.

We realize that high-quality data is essential in order to achieve predictive operations. Therefore, PView™ validates, cleans and  standardizes all operational data to achieve a uniform representation of your assets.

PView™ is field proven and based on Prediktor’s 25 years of experience in developing production-critical industrial solutions.

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