Scatec Solar – Apodi and Gurun Connected to grid

Solar Energy – Prediktor’s Solar O&M system for Scatec Solar sites Apodi in Brazil and Gurun in Malaysia now in operation

Apodi, Brazil

Prediktor has delivered yet another monitoring, analysis and reporting system, Prediktor’s Solar O&M, for Scatec Solar. The 162 MW plant in Apodi, Brazil is owned by Scatec Solar in partnership with Equinor and Apodi Par. November 28th 2018 the Apodi plant was grid connected and reached commercial operation (COD).


Gurun, Malaysia

The 65 MW Gurun solar plant in Malaysia reached commercial operation (COD) on December 21st 2018. As for Apodi, Prediktor has also for this plant delivered its Solar O&M system.

Efficient operations of any solar plant is essential in order to ensure that the forecasted energy production is met, that operations is done according to regulations and that the O&M is done in an efficient manner. Optimal operations include early fault detection, structured maintenance procedures, efficient reporting, production forecasting and diagnosis. All of these challenges need to be executed on production sites often located at rural locations with local manning and limited communication infrastructure. Prediktor’s Solar O&M is an open and scalable solution enabling efficient operation and maintenance of solar parks. Solar O&M handles all essential monitoring, analysis and reporting in one centralized system and has a scalable architecture suitable for residential to utility sized installations; from local operations to enterprise asset management.