Scatec Solar – Rengy project in Ukraine

Solar Energy – Prediktor Solar O&M system for Scatec Solar sites in Ukraine.

We are proud to announce that Prediktor’s O&M solution is selected for the 47 MWp Rengy projects in the Mykolaiv region located in south of Ukraine. Prediktor will be delivering the monitoring, analysis and reporting systems and SCADA support services for the three sites in Afansiivka, Taborivka and Tokarivka.

Scatec Solar is an integrated independent solar power producer, delivering affordable, rapidly deployable and sustainable source of clean energy worldwide. We congratulate Scatec Solar and their partners on reaching financial close for the Rengy projects, which will be realized under the country’s 10-year Feed-in-Tariff scheme.

Prediktor is a leading provider of Industrial IT products and solutions for monitoring and maintenance in the energy production sector. Since the beginning we have provided value by adding capabilities to our industry clients throughout the world. Prediktor’s solutions have an installation track record of over 1000 installations in various industries worldwide.

Increasing the efficiency of operations in solar power plants is essential for creating affordable and sustainable source of clean energy globally. To achieve optimal operation, it is crucial to ensure that the forecasted energy production is met and that the operations and maintenance (O&M) is done in an efficient manner. Understanding these challenges facing renewable energy power plants and PV solar parks enables Prediktor to build innovative solutions and technologies that empower sustainability and increase efficiency.

Prediktor’s Solar O&M solution enables efficient and optimal operations that provide early fault detection, efficient reporting, production forecasting and diagnoses in various parts of the solar plant. Prediktor’s Solar O&M is a scalable solution which administers the entire monitoring, analysis and reporting of the solar plant in one centralized system. This solution enables operators and management to have full control of the daily production and to make appropriate and secure actions based on real-time data. Prediktor’s Solar O&M includes various capabilities such as SCADA functionality as well as big data store which is further used by data analysts and global operations personnel.

We are pleased to see our solutions continue to prove successful, beneficial and appealing for our customers worldwide. We are committed to always provide our clients with the right solution and giving them the best return on investment.