Scatec Solar – Los Prados Connected to Grid

Solar Energy – Prediktor Solar O&M system for Scatec Solar site in Los Prados, Honduras in operation

Prediktor has delivered a monitoring, analysis and reporting system, Prediktor’s Solar O&M, for Scatec Solar and Norfund’s 35 MW Los Prados solar power plant in Honduras. October 1st 2018 the Los Prados plant was grid connected and reached commercial operation (COD).

Optimizing the output of solar energy plants requires full insight into the operating conditions of the plants – production losses will directly affect their financial performance. Prediktor has delivered an advanced monitoring system for the Scatec Solar and Norfund’s 35 MW Los Prados solar power plant in Honduras. The system delivered by Prediktor is supporting essential activities towards efficient plant operation. Apart from the Los Prados plant, the system is today operational at several utility-scale PV-plants world-wide.

Efficient operations of any solar plant is essential in order to ensure that the forecasted energy production is met, that operations is done according to regulations and that the O&M is done in an efficient manner. Optimal operations include early fault detection, structured maintenance procedures, efficient reporting, production forecasting and diagnosis. All of these challenges need to be executed on production sites often located at rural locations with local manning and limited communication infrastructure.

Prediktor’s Solar O&M is an open and scalable solution enabling efficient operation and maintenance of solar parks. Solar O&M handles all essential monitoring, analysis and reporting in one centralized system and has a scalable architecture suitable for residential to utility sized installations; from local operations to enterprise asset management.

The system is today in operation at 12 of Scatec Solar’s solar plants world-wide. Production data is collected at each of the local sites where SCADA functionality as well as reporting and analysis capabilities are included. This enables the local operators to have full control of the daily production and to pinpoint possible deviations based upon data analysis and to make appropriate actions.   Further, data from each site is replicated to a central data store and operations system. This part of the system is used by data analysts and global operations personnel for remote diagnostics and for secure operation activities of sites.