Prediktor founder Steinar Sælid receives prestigious award honouring a lifetime of innovation

PRESS RELEASE: November 14th 2019.

The Norwegian Institute for Technical Cybernetics (ITK) with support from SINTEF and the Norwegian business community have nominated Professor Emeritus Steinar Sælid for NTNU’s prestigious honorary award.

 A graduate of ITK in the early 70s, Steinar played a critical role developing the control and signal processing algorithms for the ground-breaking dynamic positioning (DP) system that enables accurate and secure positioning of vessels at sea – a technology necessary for all activities related to offshore oil and gas extraction. By 1980 Kongsberg supplied all new DP systems worldwide.

In 1983, Steinar developed the AIM 1000 automation system, also for Kongsberg. The system, with its innovative use of graphics-based configuration and object-oriented programming, has today been delivered to countless onshore, maritime and offshore processing plants.

Steinar co-founded Prediktor in 1995 and acted as CEO until 2012. Through his leadership and initiatives, a unique competence group was founded under the Prediktor umbrella. The activities he personally initiated span areas such as high-volume production tracking, semantic modelling of enterprise real-time data streams, advanced process control, inline NIR measurement of fat/moisture/protein composition in food production and wearable, non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring for people with diabetes. Steinar is still 100% active and significantly contributing to the group’s industrial research activities, as well as mentoring younger colleagues.

Over the years, Steinar has shown a unique ability to see new areas of application for cybernetics-based IT technology. He has also been an inspiration for students and colleagues alike through his modest, friendly and informal leadership style. His knack for motivating and engaging others by discussing complex topics in an accessible way is something that NTNU’s students and staff have benefited from since 1986.

The honorary award from NTNU is a testament to the invaluable role Steinar has played for nearly five decades as a researcher, teacher and engineer. Rarely do you encounter an individual who so thoroughly embodies NTNU’s vision of “knowledge for a better world”.

To learn more about Steinar, his motivations and his lifetime contribution to cybernetic engineering, see his portrait video here:

About Prediktor

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