Prediktor’s Apis Software platform chosen by BKK as Corporate Historian solution

Prediktor’s Apis Software platform chosen by BKK as Corporate Historian solution.

Prediktor AS is proud to announce that the Norwegian energy production and infrastructure company, BKK, has chosen the Apis platform as their corporate historian software. Prediktor is a global leader in real-time historian and information modelling solutions. Using the Apis platform, Prediktor will provide a complete solution for time-series data management that will enable BKK’s operations.

The purpose is to provide an interoperable and a reliable solution for storing and exchanging time-series data. The solution simplifies the exchange of data with third-party solutions for data analysis and visualization. Correspondingly, the Apis software will include a high-performance historian for storing and collecting data from hydroelectric plants and power distribution facilities. The Apis software will also incorporate an OPC UA-based information modelling, to provide a standard and unified way of accessing operational data. Furthermore, Apis will function as a Cloud Gateway with OPC UA-publishing to the cloud and include Apis Modframe as a real-time mathematical modelling tool.

“We are delighted that BKK has chosen to partner with Prediktor. The Apis Historian solution will enable BKK to securely access their SCADA data and provide real-time asset information.” Says Thomas Pettersen, CEO at Prediktor AS.

About Prediktor – Since 1995, Prediktor has delivered real-time Historian and IMS solutions based on the Apis Software Platform. Companies worldwide rely on Apis for real-time data collection, storage, processing and HMI visualization. Apis is a proven and trusted technology with an installation track record of over 1000 installations in various mission critical applications within manufacturing industry, energy and Oil & Gas.

We are pleased to see our solutions continue to prove successful, beneficial and appealing for our customers worldwide. We are committed to providing our clients with the right solution and giving them the highest return on investment.