Prediktor Apis chosen by Aker BP for information modelling of drilling data

Fredrikstad, Norway, October 10th, 2018

Prediktor AS is a global leader in real-time Historian and Information modelling solutions. Today, we’re proud to announce that Aker BP has selected Prediktor for a partnership agreement. This agreement is for OPC UA-based modelling of drilling data via our Apis Software Platform. The first delivery will be to the Maersk Invincible drilling rig, owned by Maersk Drilling A/S. After this, Apis will be rolled out to multiple other Aker BP drilling assets.

The overall objective of the agreement is to provide a unified way of accessing drilling data – not only standardized on protocol, but also on data semantics. Data access will be through Aker BP’s Cognite cloud platform, their drilling monitoring solution and other 3rd party applications. OPC UA-based information modelling enables Aker BP to use models that can be shared between companies. This will make the sharing of data throughout the industry much easier, while avoiding locking data to specific applications.

The Apis Software Platform, a state-of-the-art data historian and tool for creating OPC UA-based information models, fulfills this objective. Data from legacy plant systems will be collected using a variety of protocols such as Modbus, Classic OPC, OPC UA, WITS0 and WITSML. The data will then be logged and mapped to information models.

“We are delighted that such a forward-thinking company as Aker BP has chosen to partner with Prediktor. This is additional proof that more and more O&G operating companies are seeing the value of having consistent data structures and easy access to data throughout the enterprise. We believe the adoption of OPC-UA based information models will help Aker BP to further increase their digitization efforts and promote their Data Liberation Front concept,” says Thomas Pettersen, CEO at Prediktor.

“The partnership with Prediktor will help us ensure that all data is available, for all platforms, for all stakeholders, at all times, with low latency and high quality.  The SCADA system will be installed on several rigs and in our Onshore Operations Centre.  It will be an enabler for autonomous drilling and for the data liberation initiative by streaming real-time OPC-UA data from the rig to the Cognite Data Platform” says Stefan Sandor, Aker BP project manager for D&W. For more information about Prediktor, please visit For more information on the Apis Software Platform and the OPC UA Gateway solution, please download our whitepaper on the subject from our website.

About Prediktor – Since 1995, Prediktor has delivered real-time Historian and IMS solutions based on the Apis Software Platform. Companies worldwide rely on Apis for real-time data collection, storage, processing and HMI visualization. Apis is a proven and trusted technology that has been used in 1000+ installations. Most of these are mission critical applications within manufacturing industry and Oil & Gas.

Article picture showing Maersk Invincible working at the Valhall field; Source: Aker BP