Apis Meat Optimiser

Reduce your Raw Material Costs up to 5%

Optimise for Protein as well as Fat

Control and optimize your production with Spektron real time manufacturing execution systems.

Monitor and control your production

Apis Meat Optimiser bridges the information gap between your production processes and the ERP system.

Production efficiency

Meat Processers experience rapid production changes due to variations in material composition and availability, machine availability and product demand. Changes in recipes, productions orders and raw material stocks are immediately transferred from ERP to Spektron Meat MES, where scheduling of production plans and orders are carried out. Operators are provided with a list of orders and batches ready to process. Spektron Meat MES allows full control of your production in real time.

Through interface of process equipment, control systems and the ERP system, production managers are allowed full control and detailed information of their processes and production in real time. Production data are collected directly from machines, plcs or operators. These data are structured and displayed as relevant information to operators and production managers. Operator screens provide relevant production information, allow operators to enter relevant information into the system and take immediate actions to ensure best possible production efficiency.

Spektron inline analysis

Combining Spektron Meat MES with Spektron Spektron inline analysis allows meat processors optimize composition of individual product batches as well as to monitor performance of each meat supplier.

Spektron Least Cost Formulation System

Spektron Least Cost Formulation System allows meat processors to adapt to changing availability, prices, composition and product demand. This modular optimization system will ensure that raw material cost is kept at a minimum even when production conditions are changing.

Real time and historic reporting

Extensive reporting functionality allows display of real time and historic reports of status, results and KPIs. Being able to relate to alarms and deviations as they occur ensures production up time and results close to optimum. Storing historic data in a structured way allows development of a hierarchy of reports from overall OEE and other KPI’s to drilling down into high resolution single process signal trends. Meat processors are required to provide full traceability for their products. Spektron Meat MES provides detailed traceability reports from product to raw material batch and back. Spektron Meat MES also handles rework and production between cleaning. The flexibility and scalability of the Spektron Meat MES allows cost effective installations adapted to customer size and needs. Prediktor focuses on developing and delivering industrial IT systems for the food industry and has extensive competence and experience in meat processing. Prediktor is a registered Microsoft Partner and is a qualified research partner by Innovation Norway Features of Spektron Meat MES Spektron Meat MES consists of a range of modules and functionalities that enables users to develop their solutions both in functionality and to new machines, processing lines and plants.

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