Apis SPC

Statistical Process Control

Industry-standard methodology for measuring and controlling quality during the manufacturing process ensuring that the process operates efficiently, producing more on-spec products with less waste.

The process

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a technique that can be used to decide if a process is within (statistical) control and to detect assignable causes of variation. This technique allows the user to specify alarms on process parameters that, if they are not under control, may affect the quality of the end product. It is also useful for analysing process events after they have occurred in order to find the cause of the event. By using SPC, lead-time for products can be reduced due to reduced need for rework and the yield of the process can be increased due to increased control over process parameters that can cause quality deviations.

Set parameters

Prediktor’s SPC offering consists of both analytical and online SPC. The analytical software is used to statistically analyse data sets collected from a process to find parameters that most likely affect product quality, and when. By calculating the mean and standard deviation of the data set, upper and lower control limits can be estimated. Based on the criticalness of the process, a corresponding rule-set for the samples must be decided.

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Overview of our offering for analytical and online SPC.

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