Apis Shop Floor Traveller

Gain ultimate control and tracking while removing all paperwork from the production area.

The APIS Shop Floor Traveller is an easy to use software tool from Prediktor that removes unnecessary paperwork from your manufacturing area. Operator screens replace instructions and paper-based SOPs, and manufacturing and product data is registered in input screens instead of paper sheets.

How it works

The core of the system is the recipe system, defining how to produce your product. The master recipe defines the template for a product, while the batches are defined by the control recipes, which are created from the master recipe template.
Recipe procedures are defined using the Shop Floor Traveller recipe procedure designer. A procedure defines the work flow needed to produce the product, and consists of operations and activities put together in a sequence. The operations define the sequence of each main production step, and a set of activities define what should be done for each step.

Workflow report

When producing a batch, the operator executes a control recipe procedure. The user screen then leads him through each operation with instructions and rules. Manual data is entered and approved by operator for each step. The work flow engine executing the recipe procedure, controls the sequence and make sure the operations are performed and registered in the correct order, extending your quality assurance directly to your shop floor.

Data storage

The product batch history with manually and automatically collected information is stored in a database for product documentation and reporting.
Cycle times for each operation are automatically stored and can be used for bottle-neck analysis and line optimization.

  • Easily create and edit your own manufacturing procedures
  • Easily access process history
  • On-line manufacturing instructions, updated instantly
  • Quality assurance of production steps and product documentation
  • Cycle time registration and bottle neck identification

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Overview of the Apis Shop Floor Traveller offering.