Apis Production LIMS

The integrated Production Laboratory Information Management System (PLIMS) gives you the benefit of easy management of analysis results and integration with your production data.

APIS keeps track of material and process data, and the PLIMS module holds track of samples, analysis and results. By combining the two concepts, it is possible to connect the material data with analysis data, and vice versa.


Lab reports show results with analysis results linked to materials in manufacturing, and manufacturing reports may use the analysis data directly as properties to work in process. By modelling the process accordingly, product quarantine buffers can easily be set up and controlled by the MES and PLIMS.

Tracking and identification

The PLIMS module lets you define points in the process where samples are to be taken. In PLIMS, analysis orders are issued either manually or automatically with specification for what types of analysis that are to be performed on a sample. The system contains functionality to print labels or use other identification methods.

Analysis methods

Analysis methods are defined once in the system and describe the properties of the analysis like fat %, water %, resistance, temperature etc. to be measured. For each possible analysis, the proper instrument or analysis method is defined with their detection limits and accuracy. Instruments may also follow its individual qualification workflow.

Analysis reports

All analysis results are registered in a web interface. Based on the APIS integration platform, analysis results may also be gathered automatically or semi-automatically. This could be by SQL, OPC, file transfer, XML, SECS GEM etc. Automatic registrations may also be set up to require manual validation. If a MES is used together with the PLIMS, a sample can be set as a “collective sample” where the sample is a collection from several batches. The sample will then be connected to an unlimited number of materials. It is assumed that the results from this collective sample are representative for all batches.

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