Apis OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Measuring and reporting OEE as a key performance indicator is an important task for both management and operations.

Calculating OEE

OEE is defined to measure production performance and focuses mainly on calculating a relative productivity for production equipment that can be monitored and evaluated over time. Calculating OEE for a complete production line or plant enables rapid comparison with other production lines or plants essential for improvement processes.


Apis OEE consists of both analytical and online OEE. Online OEE is targeted towards real time feedback to process operators and let you graphically see trends for a defined part of the process on online screens. The online OEE number can be displayed on large screens in the production hall or integrated with other real time information in visualization overviews, either in a Prediktor or third-party system.

Data based decisions

We believe that decision-making always should be based upon correct data, and in this aspect is essential that an OEE-solution is tightly integrated with the production processes in order to see its true and objective behaviour.

OEE is used for:

• Supporting improvement processes
• Performance benchmarking between processes, lines, plants etc.
• Showing a production “speedometer” for enhanced plant-floor operational awareness
• Reducing losses and quality deviations

Prediktor’s Analytical OEE solution gives you the freedom of defining a time filter, look at parts of the process and even analyse the difference between different products. It also lets you dig into history of your plant’s OEE and raw data and display graphs for easy comparison.

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Overview of the product offering for online and analytical OEE.