MOM/MES Solutions

Our MES offerings enable you to gain real time knowledge and faster reaction time to process incidents – letting you predict potential problems before they affect quality, yield or cost. This means better performance, reduced loss and ultimately more profit.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Prediktor provides complete MES-solutions – always targeted towards operational excellence. Our offerings range from small data logging systems to complete MES-solutions.

The basis for our MES-solutions is the Apis Click&Trace modular real-time Industrial IT platform containing a complete set of ISA-95 level 3 compliant functional modules.

When do you need a MOM/MES system

Daily operation and production

MES used by operators and other production personnel to continuously keep control of the production process

Deviation handling

Find the root cause, solution and preventive actions for deviations in product and process

Process and product optimization

Find how process parameters correlate with yield, quality and volume in order to optimize the production process

Apis MES Overview

  • Measurements of conditions and performance across the plant floor
  • Tracking for quality assurance and control
  • Tracing for analysis and quality/performance improvements
  • Reporting and visualization for superior production control
  • Support for lean manufacturing

Download MES Foundation brochure

An introduction to our MES offerings