APIS Visualize

Presenting the facts in real time


How to present both real-time and historical information so that it can be easily understood by all stakeholders?


With Apis it is easy to create and view trends, alarms, SCADA-like graphical user interfaces and reports

Examples of Apis visualization software include:

Process Explorer

Easy to use trend visualization solution.

Apis Dancer

Using the fully web-based Apis Dancer, you can create live mimic/SCADA pages, trend and alarm visualization, dashboards, reports and much more.

Plug-ins for 3rd party data transfer

Apis contains plugins that allow users to easily export data to 3rd party systems such as MS Excel. Data can also be exposed in a variety of formats including Ascii, OLE DB, OData, ODBC ,OPC HDA, .Net OPC or OPC UA HA. Alarms and events can be exposed using OPC AE eller OPC UA AC.

Other industrial information management products