APIS Process

From real-time data to actionable information


How can collected real-time data be turned into actionable information and thereby be used to create value?

How can this information be used to create real-time predictive models, simulators or control systems?

I have a cool algorithm I want to implement in a real-time system, how can I do this?


Use Apis! Apis includes advanced tools for building real-time applications that generate alarms, aggregate, calculate or predict actionable information based on the basic real-time data.

Prediktor’s software products in this area include:

Mathematical Modelling

Apis Modframe is a mathematical modelling framework where programming of algorithms and logic is done in an graphical editor. Users can create Advanced Process Control (APC) models that predict and simulate process behavior or can be used as control systems, such as Kalman filters, Model-based Predictive Control (MPC) or simpler PID-based control systems.


With Apis AlarmServer you can set up, manage and maintain alarm system easily. Components register their own alarm categories in Apis which will distribute them to clients in various ways: over email, SMS, OPC AE or OPC UA AC server interface or by logging to the Apis Historian.

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Overview of the Modframe mathematical modelling tool.

Other industrial information management products