Industrial Information Management

Apis is a component based real-time industrial software platform used in more than 1000 installations, mostly in mission critical areas within Oil & Gas upstream and midstream, Maritime and Manufacturing industries.

Data connectivity

  • Data collection tool for massive data capture on various industry protocols and custom made protocols with integrated data validation
  • Wide support for industry standards, such as Classic OPC, OPC UA, WITS and Modbus
  • Support for cloud connectivity protocols making Apis suitable as an IOT Gateway.

Data Historian

  • High performance historian database, capable of collecting and storing more than 5 000 000 variable values per second.
  • Runtime configuration and maintenance, thereby assuring best possible system uptime.

Data Processing

  • Advanced tools for mathematical modelling, multivariate analysis, information modelling and other online calculation tools.

Data Visualization

  • Trend application and user interface tools that facilitates easy deployment and enterprise wide access to data with minimal cost.

Information Modeling

The overall objective of information modeling is to provide a standardized and unified way of accessing operational data from different assets via enterprise systems – not only standardized on protocol, but also standardized on data semantics. This can be especially challenging in existing installations where both non-standard protocols and unplanned- or non-standard semantics (information models) can be present.