The use of energy affects every single citizen directly through the cost and quality of goods and services, the strength of the economy, and the availability of jobs.

Industry Challenge

Energy companies are seeking to get more value out of their production data, for instance to better be able to conduct Condition Based Maintenance or get better control of their energy production, while at the same time keeping their data secure.

Solutions – What we do:

Asset monitoring, Reporting and machine learning applications

Using Apis, Prediktor can build complete solutions for Performance and Asset Monitoring & Reporting, enabling efficient operation and maintenance of production assets.

Apis can be connected to an existing local SCADA or alternatively, if no local SCADA exists, the system can connect directly to the field equipment and available instrumentation, and act as a local SCADA in addition to relaying data to a central application.

Finally, Prediktor has extensive experience in multivariate statistics and machine learning and can build business intelligence solutions and analytical algorithms to detect abnormal situation, conduct automatic diagnostics and find root causes.

Secure connectivity via OPC UA

Prediktor is at the forefront of OPC UA technology and has broad experience with most aspects of the protocol, including security.

OPC UA contains security features that can provide adequate data security even for critical infrastructure and can encrypt both transport and message using certificates. The OPC UA security model offers four tiers for application authentication and two tiers for certificate management. This security model ensures application and transport security while maintaining flexibility.

IOT Gateway

Prediktor’s Apis platform can act as an IOT Gateway that can collect time-series data from a large number of sources and stream it to the cloud via a single access point. Apis can also receive data from the cloud and execute commands or forward the data to other systems. This makes Apis the perfect solution for companies that wish to quickly and easily set up a robust infrastructure that enables to take advantage of all the features available in cloud-based environments.

Information modelling

Apis supports information modelling via OPC UA Semantic modelling. Information modelling makes it much easier for Data Scientists or other users and applications to access asset data, as one can structure the data according to equipment in a system-based hierarchical fashion instead of the actual automation structure being used at the asset level. This makes it much easier to find and access relevant data as it is directly linked to the asset the data is relevant to.

The information models used can be company- or industry-specific. E.g. for energy producers the IEC 81346 standard may be relevant industry-wide standard for creating an asset-based data model.

In addition, the OPC Foundation also releases OPC UA Companion standards – publicly available information models. One such Companion standard is the ISA95 standard, which is a widely used asset framework in many industries.

With Apis, any number of information models can be implemented simultaneously. This means that one can have many models for different purposes – which is important as the same objects can have different meanings in different contexts.

Related use case

Glitre Energi

Glitre Energi is a producer of hydroelectric power for the Buskerud and Hadeland regions of Norway – producing 100% clean and renewable energy. As part of their digitization process, Glitre Energi is developing a cloud-based application for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).