Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing embraces a large variety of productions that has in common that they produce individual, distinct units.

Industry Challenge

Manufacturers in discrete manufacturing, whether they work in low volumes/high complexity or high volumes/low complexity, are facing tough margins. They are challenged by customers as well as competitors. As a result, they are continuously striving to improve time-to-market and quality whilst at the same time reducing costs.

Solutions – What we do:

Apis Click & Trace MES

The APIS Click & Trace MES solution improves the visibility and accuracy of discrete material manufacturing by combining manual operator input and automatic equipment input. In a typical production line, where several work stations are set up sequentially, there are several reasons for implementing production support.

Real time control and historical reporting is important for improvement work. By using operator touch terminals, APIS Click & Trace MES helps you in gathering necessary data for tracking, time control and quality data.

By combining operator input with material tracking, reporting on produced goods and quality to third-party systems is simple, and you gain the possibility to drill-down on station performance, process data and quality for each finished product. Apis MES comprises application areas like Tracking, OEE, SPC, Production LIMS, Shop Floor Traveler

Apis Shop Floor Traveler

Apis Shop Floor Traveler is an easy to use software tool from Prediktor, that removes unnecessary paper from your manufacturing area. Operator screens replace instructions and paper-based SOPs, and manufacturing and product data is registered in input screens instead of paper sheets. Key features:

  • Easily create and edit your own manufacturing procedures
  • Easily access process history
  • On-Line manufacturing instructions, updated instantly
  • Quality assurance of production steps and product documentation
  • Cycle time registration and bottle neck identification

Apis Shop Floor Traveler helps customers gain ultimate control and tracking!