Discover, utilize and maximize your potential

Who we are

Prediktor is a leading provider of Industrial IT products, solutions and services. Since our start-up in 1995 we have provided value adding capabilities to industry clients throughout the world, and our installed base today count several thousand systems based on our Apis product suite.


When Prof. Steinar Sælid together with 2 co-founders founded Prediktor in 1995, his vision was to utilize innovative technology, smart thinking and industrial insight to make our clients win. We are still focused on keeping this mindset!


We are committed to always provide our clients with the right delivery – giving YOU the best return on investment. To succeed in this, we strive to work in close partnership with our clients; understanding YOUR pains enables us to achieve this.


Our WHY:

  • Discover, utilize and maximize your potential!
  • Empower excellence and sustainability in your operations!


How we do this?

  • We collect and analyze your data, interpret your digital footprint and harvest the values you have not yet discovered.
  • We develop your digital maturity level from descriptive & diagnostic to predictive & prescriptive.
  • We will help you automate intelligent decisions, by facilitating interoperability and gain self-awareness and self-predictiveness in your components and systems.
  • We will provide transparency and insight to your complex systems and environments.

Other Prediktor Group Sites

Prediktor Medical

Glucose Estimation

Prediktor Medical is developing a system for estimation of glucose (blood sugar) based on the combination of several noninvasive measurement principles such as advanced multivariate analysis and dynamic models for glucose/insulin interaction. The device will be body mounted in the form of a bracelet or a watch communicating with a mobile phone or a tablet for data presentation and device.
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Prediktor Instruments

On-Line Spectrometers

​Measure Fat, Water, Protein, Sugar and Fiber On the Production Line in Real-Time
Spektron is Prediktors instrument for on-line NIR (Near Infra Red) applications. Instruments and accessories are designed for on-line use, with robust hardware and real time software to give your real time knowledge about your products.
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