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Industrial Information Management

Apis is a component based real-time industrial software platform used in more than 1000 installations, mostly in mission critical areas within Oil & Gas, Maritime and Manufacturing industries. Apis supports a variety of communication protocols such as OPC, OPC UA, Modbus and WITS. Typical use of Apis is as:

  • Data Historian
  • Data Acquisition Hub
  • Protocol converter
  • IOT Gateway
  • OPC UA-based information modeling framework
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Information Modeling

Apis has extensive support for information models based on open standards from OPC Foundation. The overall objective of information modeling is to provide a standardized and unified way of accessing operational data from different assets. Major oil & gas operators are examples of customers using our products as an integral part of their digitization initiatives.

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MOM/MES Solutions

Our MOM/MES offering enable you to gain real time knowledge and faster reaction time to process incidents – letting you predict potential problems before they affect quality, yield or cost. This means better performance, reduced loss and ultimately more profit. Our offering comprises application areas like Tracking, OEE, SPC, Production LIMS, Shop Floor Traveler and complete Operations and Maintenance Solutions.

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Solar Solutions

Efficient operations of any solar plant is essential in order to ensure that the forecasted energy production is met, that operations is done according to regulations and that the O&M is done in an efficient manner. Optimal operations include early fault detection, structured maintenance procedures, efficient reporting, production forecasting and diagnosis. Prediktor PView is an open and scalable solution enabling efficient operation and maintenance of solar parks handling all essential monitoring, analysis and reporting in one centralized system suitable for residential to utility sized installations; from local operations to the enterprise.

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Honouring a legacy of innovation

Steinar Sælid, Prediktor co-founder is a living engineering legend. In November 2019 Steinar was awarded the NTNU honorary award for his lifetime contribution and ability to see new areas of application for cybernetics-based IT technology.

In the 1970’s Steinar was instrumental in developing Dynamic Positioning, a process that enabled the Norwegian Oil and Gas industry to flourish.

Learn more about Steinar, his motivations and his contribution to this important field of study here.

Our Legacy