The key ingredient in accurate measurments

No matter how sensitive or robust your NIR instrument is, if doesn’t have the right software it’s useless. What separates Prediktor’s Spektron from other NIR instruments is the advanced software. Taking a reading or a measurement is one thing, analyzing hundreds or thousands of readings in real-time is another. using advanced mathematics and predictive algorithms the Spektron can accurately determine the composition of an entire batches while only sampling a small percentage. The software can also control real-time correction to meet target values.

  • Process alarms integrated with statistical process control (SPC), and various delivery options, such as e-mail, SMS and OPC AE.
  • Web-based trend application and user interface tools that facilitates easy deployment and enterprise wide access to data with minimal cost.
  • Advanced integrated multivariate analysis and model generation tools, as well as Soft PLCs and other online calculation tools.
  • Wide support of industry standards, such as OPC DA/AE/HDA and SECS/GEM.
  • Runtime configuration and maintenance which assures best possible system uptime.