Analyse your biomass moisture content
right at delivery in 90 seconds!

Prediktor has developed a specific solution
combining an at-line sampler, our NIR Spektron
instrument, a touchscreen and our real-time
software to provide accurate and instantaneous
moisture measurement for biomass in
CHP plants.

Moisture content is a key parameter for CHP
plants using biomass.

  • Raw material optimisation for
    burning efficiency
  • Suppliers and deliveries control for stock
    management and cost optimisation.

The system is placed directly around the delivery or stock
area, so the operator can take a few samples and analyse
them in a few seconds and give the supplier and the
accounting department the result instantly.

The plant manager can organise the stock area according
to moisture content for a better usage of the biomass

It is very simple to use:
Enter the delivery/supplier/truck reference using the touch
screen, ,take a sample, place it under the instrument, push
the start button to start the measurement which takes
about a few seconds, and repeat the operation a two or three
times. Then save the result and print it (optional).

The information can be accessed directly by the plant
manager and the finance department. No more paper
work, all is integrated in the IT system and connected on

The Spektron can also be installed directly above a conveyor belt to analyse in real-time moisture content also. This all depends on how your process is organized. Prediktor always work in close coordination with the production managers to give the best possible and useful result to optimize your process.