Partner with Prediktor

Our partner network is getting stronger every day and we are now proud to say we can serve customers on every continent, but there are still many countries where we want to be closer to the customers, and that is what we achieve with our partners.

At Prediktor we understand and value your expertise when it comes to local culture, language and industry contacts. We know how much support you will need to get started properly, we know it will take time, but we also know this is the best way to be closer to the customers, understand their needs and make sure we are there when there is an opportunity. Your expertise combine with ours is the key to our successes!

If you are involved in the food industry, if you have a strong local presence and represent already major brands with a good sales and technical team, you should be interested in our Spektron solution. The food industry is clearly asking more and more for better control of their production, and our online Spektron solution with its full software package is a world class offer you need to have available. Our partners come from different backgrounds, they are either involved in equipment distribution or automation and software, but they are all in close contact with their food customers.

We are providing a full package of sales tools, training for sales and technical personnel, and support from our regional offices to help you getting started with Prediktor.

You have access to customers, they know you well and you know them well. Introducing Spektron and Prediktor to them will make the difference with your local competitors. It is new, it is high technology and it pays off!