The meat industry is a large and competitive industry worldwide. Variations in raw material composition, prices as well as availability demands focus on process control and optimization in real time. Prediktors solutions increases profit and allow real time control over the production by delivering Spektron for inline analysis of meat composition as well as Prediktor MES systems for process control, optimization and detailed traceability.

The meat industry faces great challenges from the fact that meat as a raw material is highly variable in composition, price and availability. The meat industry is highly competitive, and these variations need to be monitored and controlled to ensure optimal product composition and production efficiency.

Prediktor have long experience from meat science and industry, and have through working with the meat processing industry for many years developed a range of products and applications that ensures that our customers keep their competitive edge.

Spektron inline analysis

The Spektron instrument is typically used for inline analysis of fat, moisture and protein in meat raw materials. The Spektron is a full spectrum diode array NIR instrument purpose made for rough industrial applications like the meat industry. With a stainless steel IP65 housing with a hygienic design, the instrument can be installed in all kinds of meat processing lines. The typical installation is on the outlet of a grinder or on a conveyor, allowing operators to adjust the recipe before the final mix of the product.

The instrument can also be used for monitoring of semi-finished or finished product composition. This will further reduce the need for sampling and manual labour for laboratory analysis, and can be used as an effective tool for process control and monitoring, optimizing mixing time and rejecting products out of specification.

Prediktor Meat Optimiser (PMO)

Data collection alone does not increase profits or save costs. The ability to use collected data for real time batch corrections is our specialty, and typically reduces raw material cost between 1-5%. This ensures a fast ROI on an investment in our systems.

Prediktor has developed the PMO software package to allow operators to monitor batch composition in real time, and perform standardization or optimization through an easy to use and configurable operator interface. Through a touch screen in the process, the operators have full control of batch composition and access to real time calculations. The PMO software guides the operator on how to optimize the batch recipe to meet the product specifications.

  • Real time display of product recipe, product target, batch composition and weight
  • reducing labour costOn screen and automatic operator guide of how to reach product specification by standardization or least cost formulation.
  • Optional tracking of raw material usage.
  • Optional supplier surveillance and batch cost monitoring reports.

The PMO software is flexible in configuration and functionality, and can be modified to customer preferences.

Prediktor Meat MES

The Prediktor Meat MES system is a scalable in size and flexible in functionality. Due to a modular structure, Prediktor provide cost effective installations adapted to customer needs. The Prediktor Meat MES bridges the information gap between your production processes and the ERP system.
Changes in recipes, production orders and raw material stocks are immediately transferred from ERP to Prediktor Meat MES, where scheduling of production plans and orders are carried out. Operators provided with a list of orders and batches ready to process, directly on their operator screen.

The Prediktor Meat MES allows full control of your production in real time. Through interface of process equipment, control systems and the ERP system, production managers are allowed full control and detailed information of their processes and production in real time.

The Prediktor Meat MES provides efficient data storage and structuring capability. Extensive reporting functionality allows display of real time and historic reports of status, results and KPI’s. Being able to relate to alarms and deviations as they occur ensures production up time and results close to optimum.

The system allows development of a hierarchy of reports form overall OEE and other KPI’s, drilling down to single process signal trends.

Features of the Prediktor Meat MES

Prediktor Meat MES consists of a range of modules and functionalities that enables users to develop their solutions both in functionality and to new machines, processing lines and production plants, according to needs. The scalability allows stepwise addition of more functionality as customer needs develop.

  • ERP system integration
  • Machine and control system integration
  • Overall production line control
  • Data collection, logging and trending
  • Detailed tracking
  • Planning, scheduling and execution of orders
  • Recipe handling and control
  • Least cost formulation
  • Supplier surveillance

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