Unger Fabrikker

Unger Fabrikker AS is one of Europe’s leading producers of anionic surfactants, and the only one of it’s kind in Scandinavia. Unger manufactures and exports throughout the world, a wide variety of surfactant raw materials applied in household detergents, personal care and institutional products, as well as functional additives for industrial applications.


Unger Fabrikker uses APIS products for Production Information Management Systems and for on-line analytical NIR based applications.

Kronos Titan

If you look around you at the paint on the walls, the plastic in your computer’s case, the paper on your desk, the fibers of our clothes… even some foods and cosmetics, they all look better because of titanium dioxide pigment. Kronos is a global leader in the manufacturing and sale of this remarkable product.

Kronos Titan in Fredrikstad, Norway uses APIS LIMS for process oriented Laboratory Information Management. At-line analyses is connected with laboratory analyses for presentation in production quality reporting.

Kronos also use APIS products for realizing model-based operator support systems.