APC breakfast

20170919_084351_1505815588536Prediktor is here to help on implementing effective process control. Advanced Process Control (APC) is the next level on the road to Industry 4.0. Continuing our efforts to help, we’ve started “APC breakfast”. So far, we’ve invited control engineers from local industries in Østfold. We’ve presented a free and practical course about the enhancement of PID control loop performance through optimal tuning methods.

After each presentation, there is valuable discussion of experiences and challenges in implementing APC. “APC breakfast” acts as a trusted closed forum for the participants to share and discuss their challenges within the field of control engineering.

Considering the overwhelming feedback from the first-round participants, Prediktor is organizing more such events. In the next “APC breakfast”, we’re going to explore “cascade and feedforward control loops” and discuss how these techniques can contribute to increasing controller efficiency. If you are interested to join the next event on October 10th at Prediktor head quarter in Fredrikstad, please contact us at 95 40 80 00 or 90 68 69 90.