Our Commitment

Our Commitment to our Customers

Our Vision

We make optimal production possible through world leading software and online instrumentation

Our Values


We believe in quality in all aspects of our behavior, and we strive to consistently produce reliable solutions and to be trustworthy and responsible in all our conduct. We also want to be recognized for our drive and persistence. And we never let a customer down.


Prediktor has a long tradition for product innovation. We are always searching for new possibilities based on our customers’ needs and existing or new technology.


We believe in teamwork and in sharing knowledge. That is why we strive to develop useful networks and draw upon our global experience to meet challenges.


Our success depends on the success of our customers. By actively listening to our customers we can truly understand their needs, and translate these into successful products and solutions.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to continuously improve our solutions, our products and our work processes by actively seeking feedback from customers and employees..