About Prediktor

Prediktor Headquarters Fredrikstad


The real-time company

Since 1995, Prediktor has delivered advanced industrial IT tools and solutions to a wide range of industries. Prediktor’s products and solutions are based on deep process knowledge and insights into our customers’ processes, operations and needs.

Prediktor’s offerings consist of:

  • APIS, a real-time software platform for high performance data collection, storage, processing and visualization.
  • Spektron, online analytical NIR instruments for applications like continuous, real-time measurement of fat, water and protein in various materials.
  • Turn-key industrial IT solutions for production industries based on our own products.

Our deliveries are either directly to the end-user or through our partners. Among industries covered are solar, maritime, oil and gas, food and feed and automotive. Prediktor has also started a new medtech activity that aims to offer the first working non-invasive glucose measurement device, using experience, technologies and principles from industrial applications.

Today, Prediktor is structured as a group of companies and different business units. There is a common technological basis for the different activities, but they operate in different markets and different parts of the value chain.